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IT business leaders have one of the toughest—and most underappreciated—jobs in any organization.
At almost every level, IT is becoming more complex, and more essential to the success of the business. Get it wrong and you can cost your organization millions and stifle growth. Get it right and you spur innovation and fuel growth.
Planning for Growth What’s holding your organization back? Inadequate or unreliable power? A dated cooling system that can’t support higher rack densities? Simply out of space? Without visibility into what you have today, you can’t plan for what you will need in the future. You don’t have to manage like that anymore.  Learn More Get the
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Availability Once, you could guard against downtime by overprovisining and being ultra-conservative. Those are no longer options. Fortunately, new approaches have emerged to achieving the most fundamental goal of every IT organization: avoiding downtime.  Learn More Get the
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Operational Efficiency While IT has been driving efficiency and productivity across the business, it has been suffering from inefficient processes, capital investments and energy utilization. It’s time to fix that. You’ll save money and increase agility.  Learn More Get the
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Blake Carlson
Vice President, Global Strategy & Business Development, Emerson Network Power's Avocent Business
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