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In the past 20 years, Emerson Network Power has developed an expertise in serving the Hospital and Healthcare industry across Asia. Over that period we have collaborated with Facility Managers, Department Heads, Hospital Administrators and (increasingly in the past years) IT professionals, to enable mission critical systems. An industry fueled by the increasing benefits of technology, the infrastructure requirements of the unique healthcare landscape has been influenced by three main areas:

1. The impact of digitization: The computer room/data center is now at the core of the healthcare facility’s operations. Hospitals have embraced the benefits of information technology, improving patient care and supporting key processes and services. Within this area, Emerson enables customers to optimize the performance of their computer room, expand the existing capacity where necessary, and manage the impact of high density computing.

2. Space is valuable: Two separate dynamics intersect in the hospital: 1) the prioritization of space to hospital care and 2) the need for IT resources to be pervasive throughout the facility. Emerson meets this challenge by offering solutions that provide the functionality and security usually found in a computer room, but at a single or half rack scale. Similar to a mobile phone network placing key technologies throughout our physical environment, the need to have “IT Everywhere” is also critical to the quality of health services delivered.

3. Applications specific to Hospitals: Sensitive equipment like Diagnostics & Imaging and MRI technology are found in most facilities and require specific attention to manage optimal power and thermal conditions. Emerson's broad product portfolio and extensive experience in infrastructure supporting R&D labs (clean room), enables customers with scalable solutions that cater to the unique critical needs across the healthcare facility.


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