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Emerson Solutions for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

The insights Emerson gained in developing the Emerson Data Centers helped shape Emerson’s perspective on how DCIM must change in the future to deliver increased utilization of available capacity, optimize efficiency, and provide greater staff productivity.

Realizing the tremendous advantages companies can gain through innovations in DCIM, made possible by Emerson’s depth and breadth of expertise, Emerson Network Power has embarked on an aggressive path to solve these challenges. Emerson Network Power is part of a $20 billion dollar global organization that, in 2009, invested more than $1 billion in the Avocent acquisition—the largest in Emerson’s history—to strengthen its position in this space. This is in addition to the investment made in 2008 to acquire Aperture, a leader in enterprise data center management software.

Emerson has appointed the former CIO of the business, Steve Hassell, to lead the newly acquired and formed Avocent product division and DCIM portfolio for Emerson Network Power. Mr. Hassell’s firsthand knowledge and experience as a CIO brings a deep, personal understanding of the challenges data center managers face to the development of the Emerson strategy.

Today, Emerson Network Power delivers the most comprehensive range of data center infrastructure technologies in the market.

  • Number one in data center power with solutions that extend from the switches that handle power at the facility input to the power supplies inside IT equipment—and everything in-between.
  • The world’s largest provider of data center cooling technologies with a full range of room, row, and rack and cooling systems.
  • Market leadership in hardware has, by necessity, allowed Emerson to build its software development capabilities. Emerson ranked 76th on Software Magazine’s 2009 list of the world’s largest software and services providers prior to the Avocent acquisition.

The Emerson Network Power software-based data center solutions include the Liebert SiteScan monitoring system, the Aperture data center management suite and, now, Avocent data center access and control, power management, data center planning, and branch and government solutions.

Emerson Network Power is the only organization that has both the depth and breadth of solutions in asset, power, and cooling design and management solutions, as well as embedded server firmware and management capabilities on millions of data center appliances worldwide. This combination or resources, experience and technologies makes Emerson Network Power uniquely positioned to help customers bridge the gap between the data center and IT infrastructure layers and enable intelligent optimization and management of the data center infrastructure.

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