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Power Monitoring and Control
Emergency power monitoring and communication products

Introducing the new ASCO PowerQuest® Power Monitoring and Control family.

The PowerQuest® family is the most comprehensive communication, monitoring and control solution ever offered by Emerson Network Power.

It empowers you. It fulfills your need to test, manage loads, optimize the bus bar, remotely monitor and otherwise be aware of the status of your facility's utility source and on-site power. You have both the Power to Know and the Power to Do.

Local area networks and remote networks are supported with either single or multiple points of access, and web-enabled communications allow access to your power system from anywhere around the world.

There are various PowerQuest® solutions for ASCO power control system and transfer switch products. See Compatibility Matrix for more detail.


  • Monitors and controls Power Transfer Switches and Engine Generators
  • Monitors normal and emergency voltages and frequency
  • Indicates transfer switch position and source availability
  • Provides transfer and re-transfer of loads for system testing
  • View normal and emergency voltage and frequency settings
  • View transfer switch time-delay settings
  • Provides transfer switch rating and identification
  • Automatic paging notifies personnel, by e-mail or pager, or selected system alarms
  • View current, power and power factor with ASCO Power Managers connected to the system
  • View transfer switch event log
  • Provides transfer switch test schedule


The 5700 line offers versatile options with a range of capabilities starting with the Essential package and building up through the Professional and Enterprise packages.
Misson-Critical Care
Our comprehensive service portfolio extends beyond routine maintenance to include solution upgrades and technology training that ensure you get the most from your emergency power systems.

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