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Welcome to Efficient Data Centers, your one-stop information portal featuring the latest information, technology, resources, ideas and opinions on saving energy in your data center.

Our goal is to provide you with the insights needed to reach your business' energy efficiency continuous improvement objectives and to invite you to share your thoughts, experiences and questions with us via our blog. We'd like to know how we're doing in providing information and resources that are useful to you, what you're doing to save energy in your data center – what's working and what's not – and what other issues we can address to help you achieve your objectives.

This site addresses the data center at a holistic level examining all aspects of power, cooling, and IT performance. We start the process all the way back at the power generation plant / system and take it all the way down to the processor/storage/network level in an effort to identify the numerous opportunities for energy efficiency improvements as well as the myriad of inter-related environmental benefits.

Top Issues

Energy Logic 2.0
Learn about a roadmap to reducing data center energy use by up to 74%

Data Center Efficiency Calculators
Use these simple tools to examine your data center efficiency

Data Center Efficiency Metrics
Look at the data even an imperfect measure can yield

Case Studies

From high-density cooling to flywheel technologies, these case studies showcase best practices in implementing energy-efficient solutions in the data center.

Please share your case studies on this page by sending a PDF to contact@efficientdatacenters.com

Ask the Expert

Ask a question about Energy Logic, your data center, its inefficiencies or potential solutions.