Gestión del Cableado Knurr


Gestión del cableado Knürr

The Knürr cable management system guarantees a material-protecting cabling system for all communication requirements (voice, data and video), whilst also taking future transmission technologies into account.

Ease of installation: Across the entire product range we always ensure that the individual cable management components are easy to install.

Application options: The individual cable management components have been designed for flexible use in numerous applications (e.g. radial limit in conjunction with the C-extrusion rail with the cable entry and for the cable rerouting in the rack).

Multifunctionality: Many of the Knürr cable management products are multifunctional. The cable routing brace, for example, not only has the option of routing cables horizontally and vertically using Velcro ties or cable ties, but also allows numerous components to be mounted using screws and caged nuts. These caged nuts can also be shifted with room for play in a slot, so that every mounting dimension can be accommodated.

Simplicity: Using different components for fibre glass and copper cables, such as differently coloured Velcro strip cable tie fixing options, results in simple cable management; the optimum starting situation for future expansion of the network and giving the highest standard of servicing convenience.

Safety: During selection of the production technology, materials and surfaces, constant attention was paid to ensure that no damage would be caused to the cables.

Flexibility: The components demonstrate a particularly high degree of flexibility for relocations or expansions of the communications structure.

Costs: With cost-effective production and costs-conscious application unnecessary expense is avoidance.

Investment security: Knürr cable management is future-proof as it has been designed to meet the requirements of future transmission technologies; it therefore promises high investment security in the cabling of networks in Knürr rack systems.

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