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Alimentación Ininterrumpida Para Centros de Datos - Productos Descatalogados
Producto Descatalogado ​Producto de Reemplazo
Chloride Desk Power​ Liebert PSP
​Chloride Desk Power Plus Liebert PSA
Chloride Desk Power Plus Rack Liebert PSA
​Chloride Power Rack Plus Liebert PSI
​Chloride Power Lan Plus Liebert PSI
​Chloride Power Lan Green/Gold Liebert GXT4
​Chloride Active Liebert GXT4
​Chloride Linear Plus Rack Liebert GXT4
​Chloride Linear Plus Tower Liebert GXT3
​Chloride Linear Plus-T ​Sin Reemplazo
​Chloride Linear MKII Liebert NXC
​Chloride 80-NET MPR Liebert NX
​Chloride MP-NET Liebert APM
​Chloride 60-NET Liebert NXC
​Chloride ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) ​Sin Reemplazo
​Chloride Swan+ AHF
​Sin Reemplazo
​Chloride MopUPS Express ​Sin Reemplazo
​Chloride MopUPS Professional Sin Reemplazo
Chloride MopUPS Professional P and R Edition for Parallel and-or Redundant SAI ​Sin Reemplazo
Chloride MopUPS NSA (Network Shutdown Agent)
Sin Reemplazo
​Chloride RCCMD ​Sin Reemplazo
​SAI Chloride 90-NET, 250-800 kVA
Liebert NXL
​SAI Liebert Hipulse E Online, 120-800 kVA Liebert NXL
SAI On-line Liebert Nfinity, 4-20 kVA Liebert APS
​Liebert HiSwitch2, 100-1000 A Chloride CROSS
​Liebert NX ​Liebert NXC
​Liebert GXT3, 5-10 kVA Liebert GXT4, 5-10 kVA
Liebert GXT3, 700-3000 kVA Liebert GXT4, 700-3000 kVA​
​SAI modular Trinergy, 200-1600 kW Trinergy Cube (Trinergy Core still available for expansion of existing systems)