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Emerson Network Power has been supplying integrated, application-ready AdvancedTCA® (ATCA®) systems under the Centellis™ name for over 10 years. We’ve built an unrivalled depth and breadth of experience and expertise.

We understand your needs and translate them into solutions to help you gain a competitive advantage while reducing total cost of ownership and risk.

By choosing Emerson Network Power as your partner for ATCA systems, you can focus your entire in-house technical resource on application development and system commissioning from day one of a project.

A new report states that Emerson Network Power has the largest installed base of ATCA blades and systems and the largest market penetration in 2011.
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As one of the first companies to introduce the latest 40G ATCA technology, Emerson Network Power has deployed many thousands of 40G-ready Centellis ATCA systems in carrier networks. These systems include two-slot, six-slot and 14-slot variants that are designed to meet the needs of both telecom central office and network data center environments.

In fact, we have the only two-slot and six-slot systems in the market with AC power options and front to rear cooling. Recent changes to GR-63 NEBS specification for telecom central office deployments have made front-to-rear cooling a mandatory feature for this type of equipment. Since two-slot and six-slot systems from other ATCA suppliers typically have side-to-side cooling this has become an extremely important feature for smaller scale ATCA systems, and another example illustrating Emerson’s deep understanding of this market.

Our Centellis ATCA systems have been successfully deployed to support wireless infrastructure, mobile data optimization, network policy enforcement and access control, and voice core elements such as media gateways and session border controllers. We have also tailored systems to meet the needs of the growing number of applications outside the telecom environment, including enterprise, broadcast video, and military and aerospace. Click on the Systems Expertise in Practice tab below to read just two testimonials from our hundreds of satisfied customers.

Emerson is the only major ATCA systems vendor that designs and manufactures its own chassis. Our patented technology can cool a full shelf of the highest performance blades to the industry’s most stringent platform cooling specification: CP-TA B.4.

We understand how to build systems that are capable of meeting the carrier-grade NEBS and ETSI requirements of central office deployments. And since we understand and specify our cooling environments, we can design all our payload blades such that they can be deployed in all of our chassis with full payload configurations, and still meet the industry’s thermal and acoustic requirements.

With one of only a few generally available 40G ATCA switches, the ATCA-F140, and a growing portfolio of 40G payload blades, Emerson is poised for continued leadership as ATCA technology is adopted as a common platform for a wider range of applications.

Emerson was instrumental in developing industry-wide interoperability tests and participates in regular interoperability workshops. Every blade design is put through a battery of interoperability tests prior to release.

Our standard 7-year lifecycle and additional services support the long-term supply of equipment, including revision management and extended supply arrangements.

Global facilities can integrate and even drop-ship, with rigorous processes that ensure continuity of supply. Our ATCA solutions are subject to the TL-9000 quality management system.

Our complete ATCA solution service consists of four elements – Specify, Build, Integrate and Test – which combine to provide you with unrivalled, measurable value: a complete, operational ATCA system fine-tuned to your requirements.

How to Specify an ATCA System from Emerson Network Power
Emerson Network Power welcomes enquiries from network equipment providers and system integrators that are developing infrastructure products. Applications engineers will be happy to discuss your requirements and provide an initial consultation.

Emerson Network Power and its authorized distributors have sales and support facilities in almost every region of the world.

Please contact us directly.

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