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Outdoor Enclosures and Cabinets

Protecting and moving voice, video and data electronics closer to the subscriber - from outdoor enclosures for Radio Base Stations (RBS) and Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) or fiber pedestals and cabinets. Emerson Network Power delivers a full line of enclosures, indoor and outdoor cabinets and shelters that meet the networked world’s demands for high speed without interruption, from NetXtend integrated enclosure solutions to NetSpan Integrated FTTx solutions.

Power Transfer Switches (PTS) are co-located with active electronic closures in telecommunication networks to provide AC power transfer, surge protection, and distribution within the cellular, PCS, telco, DLC, and CATV markets.
Building Entrance Terminals (BETs) protect the meeting point between a Local Exchange Carriers's outside plant cable and a customer's building or premise cables.
Buried distribution pedestals house distribution equipment and provide optimum protection. Our pedestals require very little maintenance and are corrosion-resistant.
High-strength enclosures that protect CATV distribution equipment, available in many different formations.
Emerson Network Power makes connectors that provide central office protection and terminal blocks for connecting circuits to outside plant equipment, and frames that support connectors and terminals blocks in central office applications.
Cross connect cabinets allow for termination of and cross-connections between cabling elements.
A wide range of enclosures to house fiber connections in FTTP and FTTx environments - regardless of how close to the customer premises the fiber is delivered.
Multi-purpose enclosures for outdoor telecom applications. The outdoor cabinets and enclosures protect an array of electronic equipment at remote sites.
Connection and distribution blocks for indoor and outdoor applications.
Wireless infrastructure equipment that encompasses the entire spectrum of telecom needs.

NetSpan Integrated
FTTx Solutions

NetSpan Solutions provide a comprehensive range of fiber distribution hubs (FDH) and pedestals that allow you to maximize your copper network through hybrid solutions.
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