• 1
    Visualize the operating state of all the devices as well as dependencies linked with them - in a single diagram     
  • 2
    Make changes in real-time while walking the data center.     
  • 3
    Enable management of the data center as an ecosystem. Enhance operational efficiencies, service quality and service management with real-time visibility across IT and facilities.     

Trellis™ Solution

Whether individually or in combination, the Trellis™ platform applications help organizations meet the growing needs and demands of the data center. With Trellis™ Inventory Manager and TrellisChange Planner, you can track assets and plan changes with improved accuracy, access and availability.  With Trellis™ Site Manager and Trellis™ Energy Insight, you’ll monitor assets and view energy consumption in real time—and detect problems before they occur.

The Trellis™ Power System Manager improves business continuity and lowers operational costs via documentation of the power system and connections through a one-line diagram. The ability to manage workflow is available through the Trellis™ Process Manager. With four processes based on best practice, the Trellis™ Process Manager provides a systematic approach to making an organization's workflow more effective. With the Trellis™ Mobile Suite, risks and costs are reduced while data center agility and flexibility is enhanced.
To learn more about the various components of the Trellis™ platform, click on the links below:

Trellis™ Inventory Manager
The ultimate tool for keeping track of all your assets.
Trellis™ Change Planner 
Plan and execute changes with confidence.
Trellis™ Site Manager
Full tracking and reporting on the health of your devices.
Trellis™ Energy Insight
A view into energy consumption, plus data center inefficiencies.
Trellis™ Power System Manager
Complete management of your data center's power system.


Trellis™ Mobile Suite
Move, change and add devices right from the data center floor.

Trellis™ Process Manager
Intelligent workflow management system that increases efficiency and decreases risk.

Trellis™ Platform Unique Features

Avocent® Universal Management Gateway
Provides a dedicated hardware link into the DCIM ecosystem.

Trellis™ Platform has been tested on Oracle Linux 5.6, Oracle Database 11g R2, Oracle WebLogic Server 11g R1 and Oracle Exadata Database Machine


Trellis™ Platform Express Edition
Out-of-the-box DCIM solution for faster implementation.

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