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Thermal Management Training

Liebert technology is supported by a range of training programs from standard courses to specialized Thermal Management training to meet your specific needs.

If you wish to receive further information on our training program, please contact or 1-844-841-2665

Customized Training

Customized training can be arranged at your location or at ours, and can be scheduled to meet your time frame. Fee to be determined. For inquiries or more information, please contact or 1-844-841-2665.

Available Courses

Schedules for training held at the Emerson Learning Center and Regional Sites are subject to change. We will inform the registered students of any changes. Please register early since classes do fill up quickly.

For registration, dates and information, please contact or 1-844-841-2665.

Course Name Course Description
Liebert Cooling Products 1 -  AM/AG and MiniMate/DataMate Dedicated to the Deluxe System 3 and Challenger3000 with AM/AG controls, and current small systems (MiniMate2 and DataMate) products.
Liebert Cooling Products 2 – PCT206: DS-VS / Challenger with iCOM and Networking Focusing on DS-VS / CW / PDX / PCW and Challenger with iCOM control, the new MC condenser and other heat rejection devices, students learn through a combination of presentations plus hands-on training using a factory-built simulator.
Liebert Cooling Products 3 – PCT310: XD – Xtreme Density Cooling Products Session focuses solely on Liebert XD high heat-density cooling products. Emphasis is on the pumped refrigerant-based products in Liebert XD. Water-based products in XD are also presented.
Liebert Cooling Products 4 – PCT401: iCOM Service Tool for Updating Software Dedicated session on iCOM software updates, XDIO Smart Card communication and updates, MC and PR circuit board updates, unit-to-unit networking, and Intellislot-based monitoring products.
Liebert Cooling Products 6 – PCT601: CRV – Row-Based Thermal Management Product This course covers the Liebert CRV row-based thermal management air conditioning product.
Liebert Cooling Products 7 – PCT701: HPC-S Water Chillers This session focuses on the Liebert HPC products with iCOM control.
PCT801: Preventative Maintenance This class is designed to teach the student routine preventative maintenance, service / repair and troubleshooting techniques used on all Liebert Thermal Management air conditioning units.