Eliminate the Causes of Unplanned Downtime

Downtime Costs are on the Rise. Can DCIM Eliminate the Causes?

In a recent Ponemon study on data center outages, respondents said they “would rather walk barefoot over hot coals than have their data center go down.” Despite this, many companies cannot effectively prevent unplanned outages. Too often, the answer is simply to add more capacity—a costly “solution” that does little to reduce downtime while guaranteeing overspending.

DCIM offers a far better approach. Because DCIM makes it possible to model your entire infrastructure, you can see exactly where your assets are located and the relationships between power, cooling and data devices. This visual map makes it easy to understand dependencies and the impact of changes. DCIM also monitors how your assets are consuming power in real time with a one-line view of the power chain that provides the most efficient way to identify and address hotspots, as well as see where excess capacity exists

With DCIM, you can know exactly how your resources are allocated and how change will impact your operations. And that means better capacity planning that lets you optimize the use of your data center assets while ensuring business continuity and mitigating risk.

But don’t just take our word for it. The Ponemon study shows that companies with DCIM have reduced the frequency of data center outages by more than 30% and cut the duration by 60%.

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