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Portable Load Banks

The Avtron line of portable resistive load banks ranges in size from 5 KW to 700 KW. For larger ratings, we can provide trailer mounted models to satisfy most load testing requirements at remote sites.

Avtron portable load banks are lightweight, compact, reliable, built to resist vibration encountered during transportation and save money because they are built to last.

These Avtron units feature durable Helidyne™ resistive elements cooled by high volume blower assemblies and integral operator control panels. Switches on the control panel actuate 120 VAC contactors to safely isolate the operator from high voltage circuits. Control power can be derived from the power source under test, or from an external 120 VAC source. The ADMS™ Digital Metering system is standard on units rated 25 KW or higher.

The Avtron portable load banks are constructed using heavy gauge aluminized steel for years of reliable service. These units are fitted with lockable casters or rubber shock mount feet for easy movement from one test site to another using common pickup trucks or vans.

ADMS™ and Helidyne™ are trademarks of Avtron. 

Emerson's Avtron line of portable resistive load banks range (in size) from 5 to 700 KW. Local manual control panel and advanced digital metering system (ADMS) are standard features on load banks 25 KW or higher. ​​​​​​
Emerson offers an extensive line of Avtron high capacity trailer mounted load bank packages for testing at multiple sites. Resistive, reactive, or DC models are available. Typical ratings 500 - 3000 KW, multi-voltage with various control panel configurations.
Containerized load banks are available from 3125 to 6250 KVA. We offer a variety of capacity, voltage, and frequency selections for these models.