NetSure 502 Full System


NetSure 502 Full System

48V DC, 40 A to 600 A

Flexible DC power available in bulk output shelves or externally mounted distribution panel systems [Spec #582136800].

This highly flexible DC power system is available in bulk output shelves or externally mounted distribution panel systems. These alternatives are optimal for rack-mounting in any building, shelter or cabinet installation. NetSure 502 is easily integrated into any Emerson outdoor enclosure when a pre-manufactured space-efficient outdoor solution is needed. The system can also be shipped loose or mounted in a relay rack with battery trays.

Bulk Output Distribution

The bulk solution provides an easy method for upgrading inefficient and/or obsolete rectifiers without the expense of buying a new DC plant. When distribution is already available and bulk –48 VDC power is needed, these (2) new configurations are ideal. Bulk output connection points are provided on the rear or top of these shelves. Optional AC input is available through top or rear access to the system. Up to 400 A of power is provided in up to 6 RU of space. Mount the system in a 19" or 23" rack, connect your load cables, plug-in AC cords, add rectifiers and you are ready to provide power.

External Distribution Panel

If multiple distribution points are needed our 23" system provides up to (39) load bullet breaker positions and up to 9 battery disconnect positions. In a 19" system, there are up to 29 load bullet breaker positions and 9 battery disconnect positions. Bullet breakers up to 250 A can be used in this panel. An optional GMT fuse panel is available for GMT fuses. This system offers up to 600 A output current capacity in 14 RU of space.

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