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Case Study
Kabel Baden-Württemberg manages its IT components remotely and optimizes the documentation and planning of its IT infrastructure using the latest Avocent® technologies from Emerson Network Power. ... The remote management solution, which...
power’s r&D investment, sales channels and partnerships within the DCIm ecosystem position its solutions to meet the critical needs of data center availability and agility. ... The Trellis™ platform, in particular, represents the...
A = Color Optional, IBC/OSHPD, W/Double-Skin Panels ... The 14-digit model number consists of the first 10 digits and last four digits of the Configuration Number. ... ® DSE™ ... Capacity data is rated and factory certified per ASHRAE...
White Paper
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Lightning generated transients are diverse, with events that vary in polarity, currents, rise times, durations, and ... electrical system at significant levels and can wreak havoc on your facilities’ sensitive electronic devices. ... A...
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The independent surge modules are bolted to low impedance (Low-Z) copper conduction plates to construct a reliable individual phase of protection. ... Each individual phase of protection can range in size from one to eight modules. ... A...
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Therefore, it is recommended to practice to individually provide SPD protection…to all such equipment.” ... For today’s communications, banking, and financial sectors, the reliance of data centers to obtain, power. ... store, retrieve,...
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Included is a description of the clamping and surge current characteristics of the metal-oxide varistor (MOV) and the silicon avalanche diode (SAD) surge components, as well as, the design philosophy behind the unique combination of the...
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Section (p. 369) “When used with a well- for regulated generator, SPDs provide a high level of protection for sensitive equipment. ... However, if the generator output voltage increases above the SPD maximum allowable limit, the...
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Section (p. 269), “…when an SPD is located inside switchboards or panelboards, there is a concern that failure of the SPD can cause collateral damage to the switchboard or panelboard, including compromising the insulation system...
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The past two years have seen many changes in codes and standards of surge protective devices (SPDs). ... Association (NFPA). ... The changes in the two standards are widespread, but they primarily affect the application of the SPD, not...