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White Paper – March 2012 ... Sensitive ballasts and power supplies are critical to the functionality of most highway, street and parking lot lighting. ... Maintaining the life of these critical components requires surge protection. ......
Many of our customers that are the most successful will tell you that their success was never “automatic” . . ... They built their organization up over time and took small steps. ... As you start your journey . . ... What do I have,...
and abiding by privacy and security regulations. ... But it takes just one bad apple or someone who inadvertently downloads sensitive material from his or her desktop onto a thumb drive for organizations to end up with a significant loss...
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First conducted in 2010, the purpose of this benchmark study is to determine the full economic cost of unplanned data center outages and is the second study in a ... The first study, 2013 Study on Data Center Outages, was released in...
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Model Comparison ... Number of Monitors supported ... Number of target devices supported ... Common Criteria Validation ... Peripheral Support ... Video Standard ... Max Resolution ... 2048 x 1536 ... 2560 x 1600 ... Restricted USB ......
Efficient, Quiet Air Cooled Condenser ... As IT budgets constrict, data center managers require new, higher levels of energy efficiency to provide the innovations and technologies that today’s critical business needs demand. ... The...
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Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) protection can be delivered through a single-module approach or through redundant systems. ... Redundancy enables higher availability of critical systems and is typically achieved through either an N +...
All field-installed piping must comply with applicable local, state and federal codes. ... Air-cooled unit piping is spun closed from the factory and contains a nitrogen holding charge. ... Field-supplied and field-installed piping is...
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In today’s data center, minimizing annual energy usage while maintaining reliability is increasingly important. ... While chilled-water loops operating at elevated temperatures supported by water-side economizers have helped to decrease...
Technical Specifications
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The system shall be designed to control temperature and humidity conditions in rooms containing electronic equipment, with good insulation and vapor barrier. ... The manufacturer shall design and furnish all equipment to be fully...