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It allows users to communicate with the new family of devices made by ASCO Power Technologies over a local area network (LAN) or over a secure Internet connection. ... This manual should be used to assist individuals who: ... ▪ will...
Data Sheet
Email notifications will proactively let you know when critical power events and alarms occur. ... Get real-time power monitor-ing, control and historical insight into the utility, generator and transfer switch on any smart phone, tablet...
Data Sheet
Data Center Archetypes ... From transportation to healthcare to retail, disruptive forces are bringing challenges and opportunities to virtually every industry. ... The data center, an enabler of disruption in many instances, is no...
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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) can be defined as the integration of information technology (IT) and facility management disciplines to centralize critical infrastructure management processes including monitoring. ... The...
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DSETM thermal management system for use in California data centers under Title 24, as an alternative prescriptive method. ... The Liebert DSE system meets or exceeds the full intent of the CEC Title 24 Energy Code for Computer Rooms...
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Managing data centers and IT facilities is becoming increasingly complicated as the push to “Go Green” is being felt worldwide. ... IT managers are faced with the challenge of consolidating power through virtualization, blade servers,...
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Simplified Installation and Improved Performance ... This paper explains how the impedances of the bypass paths should be controlled for paralleled distributed static switch systems and provides recommendations for controlling the...
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Commissioning has existed as a discipline of the building construction industry for nearly three decades. ... Yet, the commissioning industry is continually evolving and commissioning activities are still being defined by practitioners...
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Because the cost of downtime is so high, availability of IT capacity is generally the most important metric on which data centers are evaluated. ... However, data centers today must also operate efficiently—in terms of both energy and...
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As the business needs and drivers of today’s enterprise companies continue to evolve, so too do the demands and challenges placed on their IT infrastructures. ... Today’s data center manager is challenged by a wide array of data center...