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For sensitive electronics, environmental control is more than simple cooling. ... They simply cannot provide the kind of environment required by high performance computer or communication equipment. ... Standard building cooling systems...
Case Study
Unique tool for the administration and monitoring of various solutions, ensuring the dynamic management of the data center ... Business-Critical Continuity . ... As the world leader in enterprise software solutions, members of the...
Case Study
Gain greater manageability and visibility of data center systems, power consumption, planning and processes. ... Ranked as one of the top 50 safest banks in the world and the best bank in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the National Bank...
Case Study
Film, television and commercial production and post production. ... Business Needs A single solution to provide access to servers located in one secure area from various workstation positions. ... Solution AvocentTM HMX extender system...
White Paper
What is out-of-band remote access and control? ... In computer administration, out-of-band management refers to a fail-safe system of remote access, diagnostic and management control. ... Access can be made even in the event of a primary...
Before proceeding with installation, read all instructions, verify that all the parts are included and check the nameplate to be sure the voltage matches available utility power. ... Local building or plumbing codes may require that a...
White Paper
Convergence is an important trend in the data centers as IT organizations seek to optimize their infrastructure. ... Certainly, pools of servers, storage and networking resources that can be shared by multiple applications and managed in...
White Paper
The importance of availability simply cannot be overstated. ... System availability —or lack of it—is one of the biggest risks any data center or business faces. ... Without systems up and running every minute of every day, a business...
White Paper
security. ... Managing permissions and access rights from a central location enables administrators to lock down assets and data, track access via logs, and modify access as needed, 24/7. ... Configuration management ... approach. ......
Regardless of the market vertical, a control room is generally designed to perform a unique function whether it’s a transportation control room, broadcast center or ... NOC. ... As a result, administrators need the ability to be flexible...