Solutions for Federal Government


Solutions for the Federal Government

In the coming fiscal year, federal IT managers will be faced with a paradoxical imperative: the need to streamline and transform their data centers while still tightly maintaining security. Additionally, the stakeholders they answer to are demanding more measurable results and faster returns on investments.

Avocent® offers the following innovative and efficient solutions for government agencies:

Secure Desktop KVM Switches – If you access secure and non-secure networks, you can rely on the SwitchView™ Secure KVM switch to keep your private data completely separate and secure at all times. The SwitchView™ Secure KVM switch is specifically designed to make unintended data transfer between connected computers virtually impossible – an important factor for maximum-security installations.

Data Center Infrastructure Management Solutions – Maintaining high availability, maximizing efficiency and optimizing the use of existing capacity are keys to running an efficient data center. Constant change, increasingly complex infrastructure and demands for consolidation make this an increasing challenge. DCIM solutions from Avocent® can help your organization gain control of its resources, consolidate data centers, plan for a move to the cloud and reduce costs.

High-Performance KVM Extension Products for Control Rooms and Simulation/Training - Providing key personnel with quick, easy access to the remote computing resources they need to do their jobs is critical whether in a control room, operations center, training facility or running simulations. Avocent® KVM extension products enable users to access and share expensive computing resources, work in a more productive environment and centralize management of IT resources reducing cost and improving uptime.



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Three innovative solutions to help you deal with the data center challenges of control, asset identification and management and branch infrastructure management.
Emerson Network Power's Avocent's Power Management Solution provides you with the tools you need to monitor energy consumption, costs and trends across all levels within the data center and remote locations.
If you access secure and non-secure networks, you can rely on the SwitchView SC switching system to keep your private data completely separate and secure at all times.


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