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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM): The Promise, Challenges and Imperatives


Increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and maintaining availability are top priorities for today’s data center administrators. In the past, the idea of conserving resources while enhancing performance was next to impossible even to the most experienced IT and Facilities organizations. That was until Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) came along.

DCIM is a game-changing process that deals with the monitoring, collection and analysis of real-time, continuous and accurate information from an intelligent data center infrastructure that allows for immediate action. It’s designed to keep the data center in an optimal state of balance between availability, efficiency and capacity – an extremely difficult feat before the arrival of DCIM.

At the heart of DCIM is the ability to bridge the gap between critical IT assets and Facilities infrastructure. A true DCIM solution not only accounts for every asset in the data center, it also gives you the power to manage the relationships between them for an unprecedented degree of optimization.

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Key Benefits of DCIM

DCIM offers data centers tremendous value to the on several fronts. With the right solution from the right vendor, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain Real Time Infrastructure Visibility. Collect, filter and process data that will allow you to locate, visualize and manage assets in the entire infrastructure. Real time data presented in an integrated view allows you to diagnose individual components without having to walk the floor. Consequently, you can make faster and smarter decisions that will align data center performance with your business goals.
  • Maximize Energy and Space Efficiency. Easily see and digest energy consumption, space utilization and environmental metrics (temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2 footprint) at a glance. This allows you to allocate the right amount of power where it’s needed, make the most out of your space and comply with environmental regulations while maintaining high performance and availability.
  • More Opportunities to Automate. With the convergence of real time data and energy/environmental management capabilities, DCIM opens up more opportunities to automate data center processes. This adds a new level of efficiency to your operations and substantial value to your business.
  • Faster, Simpler Optimization. When DCIM’s real time data delivery and resource management capabilities go hand in hand with appropriate automation and smart decisions by data center personnel, great things happen. Faster, more educated choices can be made for easy troubleshooting and performance optimization.
  • Cost Reduction. With the rising cost of energy, space and environmental compliance, DCIM sets you on the right track to reduce data center operation expenditures. By making the most out of your electricity, floor area and physical infrastructure, your business eliminates unnecessary spending.


Introducing the Trellis™ Platform


The Trellis™ Platform is Emerson Network Power’s comprehensive answer to the modern data center’s DCIM needs. Powered by best-in-industry technology, the Trellis™ Platform gives the right people in your data center accurate and actionable information in real time. After you make the appropriate decision, a simplified interface allows you to easily manage your IT and facility infrastructure without leaving your office.

The Trellis™ Platform presents you with an unparalleled view of your data center’s infrastructure. It can make intelligent assessments of your assets so you can address problems and prevent issues even before they get started. It delivers on all the promises of DCIM in one complete, brand-agnostic platform.

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What Analysts are Saying:

"Our in-depth evaluation of the marketplace identified Emerson Network Power as the DCIM Value Leader offering the only fully integrated DCIM solution - the Trellis real-time infrastructure optimization platform - that comprehensively addresses both sides of the equation - bringing visibility to the relationships between all devices and environmental conditions across the IT ecosystem in real time."

- Steve Brasen, Managing research director at EMA in EMA Radar Report™ for Data Center Infrastructure Management

“Emerson Network Power’s R&D investment, sales channels, and partnerships within the DCIM ecosystem position its solutions to meet the critical needs of data center availability and agility. The Trellis™ platform, in particular, represents the realization of many DCIM wish lists by delivering a single pane of glass that enables users to monitor, control, and analyze data center assets in real time.”

- Jennifer Koppy, research manager at IDC in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
2013 Vendor Analysis