Preventive Maintenance | Industrial Services | Emerson Network Power


Preventive Maintenance

Maintain your system to keep it running longer. Most industrial systems are designed to operate reliably for 20 to 60 years — but only if they're properly serviced and maintained.

We offer operation and maintenance services to keep your systems running at optimal performance. Our specialists can check and service your electrical and environmental operation conditions and perform the regular maintenance that is mandatory to meet expected life expectancy figures.

Battery Maintenance and Replacement

Prevent downtime through preventive and predictive maintenance and repair for your batteries.

Cables and Bus

Reduce the risk of costly outages and accidents with proactive startup and maintenance services. 

Circuit Breakers

Ensure reliable circuit breaker performance and greater safety for your employees and property.


Ensure the precision and accuracy of your plant's meters.

Motor Control Centers

Identify problems before they lead to an unplanned shutdown.


Improve the safety and reliability of your relays.

Repairs Services

Extend the life and improve the performance of your equipment.

Shutdown, Turnaround and Outage Services

Build long-term cycle efficiency with a successful turnaround.

Site Maintenance Training

Trusted, cost-effective training at your site.

Spare Parts

Make sure you have the parts on hand for every situation.  


Keep your switches and control systems functional, even in extreme situations.


Extend the life of your switchgear. 

System Retrofits and Upgrades

Retrofit, renew and replace equipment as needed.


Identify and repair transformer issues before they escalate.

UPS and Emergency Power System Support

Ensure fast, cost-effective business resumption.