Mosaic Site Services

Take the complexity and risk out of managing multiple vendors and rely on Mosaic Site Services from Emerson Network Power. This comprehensive program meets all your data center infrastructure needs. From service coordination and scheduling to assessments and reporting, Liebert Services will provide robust, industry-leading solutions to maximize system availability and efficiency across your entire critical infrastructure.

Mosaic Service Manager

Identify possible availability issues during all phases of the data center life cycle.

Preventive Maintenance

A regular preventive maintenance program from Emerson Network Power ensures maximum reliability of data center equipment.

Assessment Service

A professional assessment will help you identify gaps in power and cooling infrastructure, reduce operating costs, improve IT system availability and plan for additional IT capacity.

Emergency Response and Repair

In emergency situations you don’t just need a resolution; you need it fast.

Remote Monitoring Services

Comprehensive control of everything that supports the availability of your critical space.

Repair Services

Repair or replace your switch controllers, with no contract required.

Spare Parts

Get the parts you need at a price that fits your budget.