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Replacing life limited components before they age to the point of significant probability for failure provides a much more reliable approach to achieving long service life for your critical systems. Waiting to replace components can lead to unplanned downtime.

Full-Bank Capacitor Replacement
UPS systems use large capacitor banks made up of both DC electrolytic and AC polymeric film capacitors that can degrade under field operating conditions. Proactively replacing full bank of capacitors is the best way of ensuring that they don’t age to a point of probable failure. Replace your capacitors and extend the life of your UPS before it’s too late.
UPS Battery Replacement
A comprehensive range of battery replacement services designed to manage the health of your network. These services are provided by the most experienced specialists in the industry (last year, we replaced more than 175,000 batteries world-wide).
iCOM Upgrades
The iCOM control system featured on Liebert precision-cooling products lets you integrate up to 32 cooling units so they work together as a single system to increase system energy efficiency, availability and flexibility. Multiple units communicate with each other to optimize system performance while reducing noise and airflow, to provide a work-friendly environment.
UPS Capacity Upgrade
To help manage the growth of your data center, Emerson has introduced the Liebert NX family of UPS systems with Softscale technology. Simply purchase the capacity you need today and scale up using Softscale when your power needs grow. The service behind the system is equally important. Emerson Network Power’s Liebert Services offers remote monitoring—including alarm management, predictive maintenance and emergency service response—to help control and optimize the performance of your UPS system.
Variable Speed Drives Upgrades
Typically, Chilled Water Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) system fans run at a constant speed and deliver a constant volume of airflow. When you add a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to the fan motor, it allows fan speed and power draw to be reduced as load decreases. A 20 percent reduction in fan speed provides almost 50 percent savings in fan power consumption.