Cooling Preventive Maintenance

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Don’t risk your highly technical data center thermal management systems to just anyone!

Emerson Network Power offers a variety of mission critical cooling and heat management system services — each designed to meet the specific support requirements of your environmental control system. We can provide complete installation, start-up and maintenance services for High Density Modular Cooling and heat removal systems and enclosures as well as large and small room cooling.

  • The Need For Availability - The critical nature of today’s IT systems requires continuous thermal management  systems and a comprehensive service strategy.
  • More Sophisticated Technologies - Digital scroll compressors, high density in the row cooling, and variable speed drives are just some of the equipment than can be found in today’s robust data centers. Advanced controls need to be configured and networked properly.
  • Distributed Cooling - IT systems change all the time so shouldn’t your thermal management strategy change/adapt too? Precision cooling equipment can often-times be found in the racks, along-side the servers.
  • Energy Efficiency - Service is part of a long-term cost saving plan that can substantially decrease energy consumption. Providing and proving the savings is critical to overall cost control.