Chloride Battery Maintenance and Replacement

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Batteries are an integral part of your critical power system. Batteries have a lifespan which varies according to the conditions of use and the installation environment.

It is imperative to trend the condition of your batteries in order to provide information on battery performance in relation to the designed autonomy and the manufacturer’s published life cycle recommendations.

This information can also then be used to make intelligent purchasing decisions based on recognized engineering practice.

In order to maintain maximum uptime and protect your investment, regular inspections are advised from Chloride's skilled team of technicians.

Service checks include:

  • Environmental checks – temperature
  • Cleanliness of equipment
  • Condition of cabinets
  • Detailed examination of individual cells – post and interconnector corrosion
  • Voltage readings – cell and string voltages
  • Measurement of internal cell impedance or conductivity
  • Individual battery load test – discharge test, site load and/or load banks

Chloride offers a battery replacement program for customers with any form of battery supported products. These include, AC UPS, DC equipment and emergency lighting units. Our dedicated battery team works closely with our approved supply chain partners and will assess your specific requirements, creating a replacement program incorporating batteries of suitable type, lifespan and performance characteristics and a swap-out schedule that minimizes the disruption to your business. Using this service will protect your battery supported equipment from relying on inadequate batteries and minimize the associated failures.

All battery maintenance and replacement work is compliant with all relevant regulatory requirements and all disposal is managed in accordance with EPA guidelines.

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