Monitoring Preventive Maintenance

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When you hang your hat on providing Business-Critical Continuity, you’d better have something strong to hang it on—and we do. Our Battery Service with Ntegrated Monitoring program integrates monitoring with on-site and remote preventive and predictive maintenance activities and service.

Battery monitoring continuously checks and diagnoses all critical battery parameters for UPS systems such as cell voltage, overall string voltage, current and temperature. If an alarm does occur, a specially trained HARC technician will diagnose the condition and determine the proper action.

  • Reduce risks — identify small problems now before they become large problems later
  • Have experts trend and analyze your battery data to help you make informed maintenance and replacement decisions
  • Minimize downtime if a battery failure does occur

To date, zero outages have occurred on battery equipment that has been professionally monitored through Emerson’s Ntegrated Battery Monitoring Service.