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Electrical Testing

A comprehensive program of electrical services helps identify the root cause of system availability problems, avoid costly downtime, preempt emergency repairs, and maintain a safe operating environment. Liebert Services offers a full range of electrical maintenance testing and engineering services designed to ensure optimal performance of your data center.

Liebert Services understands the many challenges in today’s modern data center.

  • Increasing availability expectations
  • Expanding IT requirements
  • Moves, changes, and consolidations
  • Increasing IT power density
Arc Flash Studies
Arc Flash incidents — highly concentrated radiant thermal energy resulting from an arcing fault between two points — are potentially devastating events that kill or injure between five and ten people every day.
Ground Testing Service
The grounding system in a facility is critical for power equipment operating conditions and personal safety. An improper ground can adversely affect data center performance and cause equipment failure.
Infrared Scans
Hot spots represent the deterioration of electrical connections due to vibrations, improper torque, and other hidden problems.
One-Line Diagram Verification and Update
As electrical equipment is added and removed in a data center, the one-line diagram should keep up with those changes.
Circuit Breaker Testing
A survey by Hartford Insurance Company found that air circuit breakers represent 19.5% of power system failures.
Power Quality Load Studies and Harmonic Analysis
Dips, spikes, surges, or outages can damage computers and other critical systems in a data center, causing them to malfunction, shut down unexpectedly or fail prematurely.
Short Circuit and Coordination Studies
Circuit breakers are designed to protect you from electrical disasters. But how do you know your protective devices are rated and set properly for your data center today?
Integrated Switchgear Services
Integrated switchgear is a vital component of large, multi-module UPS systems, and mission critical IT equipment can be at risk if switchgear fails to perform properly.