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Mosaic Site Services -
One Single Source of Expertise for Your Entire Data Center

Take the complexity and risk out of managing multiple vendors and rely on Mosaic Site Services from Emerson Network Power, Liebert Services. This comprehensive program meets all your data center infrastructure needs. From service coordination and scheduling to assessments and reporting, Liebert Services will provide robust, industry-leading solutions to maximize system availability and efficiency across your entire critical infrastructure.

Mosaic Service Manager

Emerson Network Power’s Mosaic Site Services ensures high availability, optimized capacity, maximum efficiency, and reduced costs through the use of a Mosaic Service Manager — a single on-site facilities manager with the technical expertise to handle all infrastructure service needs within your data center.

Preventive Maintenance
A regular preventive maintenance program from Emerson Network Power ensures maximum reliability of data center equipment by providing systematic inspections, detection, and correction of incipient failures — either before they occur or before they develop into major defects that could translate into costly downtime.
Professional Assessments
A professional assessment will help you identify gaps in power and cooling infrastructure, reduce operating costs, improve IT system availability and plan for additional IT capacity. Liebert Services offers a full range of professional assessments designed to encourage informed decisions that enhance the performance of your data center.
Electrical Testing
A comprehensive program of electrical services helps identify the root cause of system availability problems, avoid costly downtime, preempt emergency repairs, and maintain a safe operating environment. Liebert Services offers a full range of electrical maintenance testing and engineering services designed to ensure optimal performance of your data center.
Remote Monitoring
Emerson Network Power's Liebert Services is your total monitoring solution. A proven and reliable means to know the health and status of your critical equipment. From simple alarm notification and custom escalation plans to proactive diagnostics, Liebert Services remote monitoring captures critical system data and turns it into action.
Replacing life limited components before they age to the point of significant probability for failure provides a much more reliable approach to achieving long service life for your critical systems. Waiting to replace components can lead to unplanned downtime.