Equipment Startup and Commissioning
When launching new facilities or powering up new equipment you want to do it right—right from the start.  As the OEM, we are experts on Liebert equipment. Once your equipment is installed, we will turn it on the first time, to ensure that everything is set up correctly for your data center.
Avocent Professional Services Deployment Programs
Installing and deploying your IT assets in an efficient, effective and productive manner can help maximize your return on investment. Avocent provides a comprehensive range of deployment services for planned installation of your purchased equipment, and extended assistance to fine-tune your system configuration.
Site and UPS Acceptance Testing, Load Bank Testing
Our startup services include verification of proper installation through site and UPS acceptance testing and load flow testing. Data obtained during acceptance testing provides a reliable baseline for trending and comparison during future maintenance tests.
Switchgear Startup & Acceptance Testing
Our NETA certified technicians will handle start up and acceptance testing to provide evidence that mission critical switchgear equipment has integrity and ability to effectively support 100% of rated load in normal operation, and to provide overload and short-circuit protection per design documents.
Turnkey Project Management
Installing and starting up critical power and cooling infrastructure equipment, or removing existing equipment is no small task. But it can seem that way because of Emerson Network Power’s Turnkey approach to data center project management.