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  • Data Center

    Whether a data center houses 3 racks or has more than 100 IT racks, deployment of new technologies with high power densities is impacting the power and cooling systems that business-critical servers and communications devices depend on for their performance and reliability.

  • Telecom

    Communication architecture has been founded around reliability. However, the need to optimize the network so that it runs at its peak efficiency is equally critical in order to remain competitive in today’s market. Now more than ever, network infrastructure must be available and optimized for efficiency.

By Expertise

  • DCIM

    Increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and maintaining availability are top priorities for today’s data center administrators. In the past, the idea of conserving resources while enhancing performance was next to impossible even to the most experienced IT and Facilities organizations.

  • Secure Remote Management

    Emerson Network Power delivers proven Avocent® solutions for centralized asset management, highly secure remote access and controlled desktop access to enhance performance, reduce risk and cut costs.

  • Surge Protection

    There's no other answer to your power quality and protection problems except Emerson Network Power, the best in the power filtering and surge suppression industry. Its breadth of product offerings, engineering, testing capabilities, technical expertise, and customer service are unmatched.

  • Compliance

    Complying with ever-changing industry regulations is necessary to safeguard your critical facility and employees. However, staying abreast of the latest standards while making necessary changes to your infrastructure or operations is a challenge unless you can rely on the expertise and resources of a trusted service partner.

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