Microsoft Technology Center: Philadelphia


Microsoft Technology Center: Philadelphia


Microsoft® Technology Centers (MTCs) are collaborative environments that provide access to innovative technologies and world-class expertise, enabling customers to envision, design and deploy solutions to meet their exact needs. Located in the nearby suburb of Malvern, Penn., the Philadelphia MTC is one of 27 such facilities worldwide.

The Situation:

Microsoft® Technology Centers are collaborative, state-of-the-art facilities designed to connect customers with innovative technologies and world-class expertise. Collectively, the Technology Center facilitate more than 3,500 customer engagements annually ( across 34,000 individual customers) and influence more than $600 million in Microsoft server and services revenue.


  • Established a scalable high-efficiency power and cooling infrastructure that will allow the data center to double its computing capacity without making additional infrastructure investments, increasing the data center's physical footprint, or incurring significant efficiency costs.
  • The data center has endured several potentially catastrophic scenarios- including a hurricane and an earthquake- with zero unplanned downtime events since going online in March 2011.
Case Summary
Location: Philadelphia
Products and Services: SmartMod infrastructure Solution from Emerson Network Power, including:
Emerson Network Power DCM™ rack enclosures
Liebert CRV™ row-based cooling
Liebert MPX™ adaptive and Liebert MPH™ managed rack power distribution strips
Liebert NX™ UPS, 200 kVA power core and battery cabinet
Liebert FPC™ power conditioning and distribution unit
Liebert Nform™ centralized monitoring software
Avocent® Data Center Infrastructure Management Software from Emerson Network Power (DSView™ and Data Center Planner)
Critical Needs: Deploy a variable -capacity data center infrastructure capable of achieving the highest levels of efficiency and reliability, whilw maintaining the aesthetic characteristics required of a hardware and software products showcase.

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