Data Center Case Study - University of Wyoming


University of Wyoming


Advanced information technology is one of the attractions for the 13,000 students at the University of Wyoming. In 2003, The Princeton Review ranked the university as the 13th-most-wired college campus in the United States, while Intel Corporation simultaneously declared it the 67th-most-unwired campus for its advanced use of wireless technology.

The Situation

Unreliable utility power is a fact of life at the University of Wyoming. But it can’t be allowed to affect IT systems, especially when those systems are supporting IP telephony. The university’s data center infrastructure, which carries both voice and data communications, includes a campus-wide network with multi-gigabyte links to each building supporting 100 megabyte links to each desktop.


  • Eliminated frequent UPS failures occurring with less effective systems
  • Created solid foundation for IP telephony
  • Flawless performance during extended outages
  • Improved management of remote locations.
"The Liebert UPS systems were absolutely perfect. We’ve not had any battery problems with the Liebert systems and we used to have that all the time."
- Brad Thomas, network engineer University of Wyoming it the 67th-most-unwired
Case Summary
Location: Laramie, Wyoming
Products and Services: Liebert Nfinity uninterruptible power
Liebert GXT UPS systems
Critical Needs: Eliminate frequent battery and UPS management problems and create a reliable, high-availability data center infrastructure for IP telephony.

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