Data Center Case Study - University of Marquette


University of Marquette


As businesses and educational institutions adopt IP telephony, the importance of continuous data center power availability is paramount.


The Liebert UPS system proved itself in the initial installation and has since been installed in nine locations across campus. Each UPS includes the Liebert OpenComms™ Web Card to enable remote data center management and monitoring.

These systems are providing high-availability power for the expanding IP telephony system and have eliminated generator compatibility problems that were occuring with other UPS systems.

The University previously had issues with products that were difficult to service when there was a failure, and found Emerson's fault-tolerant Liebert UPS technology clearly superior for mission-critical applications, like IP telephony, and the flexibility unmatched.

Case Summary
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Products and Services: Liebert GXT2 uninterruptible power systems
Liebert OpenComms™ Web Card monitoring
Critical Needs: Provide mission-critical data center power for IP telephony.

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