Data Center Case Study - US Internet


US Internet


US Internet is an international provider of Internet connectivity, disaster recovery and data protection services headquartered in Minneapolis that provides Internet access to about 30,000 individuals and businesses via points of presence in more than 2,000 U.S. cities. US Internet operates colocation facilities in Minneapolis, Milwaukee, London and Sydney, and has more than 750 colocation customers, ranging from ShopNBC and ReMax to small companies. It also delivers broadband wireless Internet access for a 60-square-mile area covering the entire city of Minneapolis.

The Situation

In the highly competitive colocation business, maintaining continual operation of critical systems is not only important to the business, it is the business. Customers expect 24/7/365 availability of Internet services. When increasing density of equipment created data center power and cooling challenges that threatened availability, US Internet turned to Emerson Network Power.


  • Reduced air temperatures from more than 90F in hot spots to a uniform 65F.
  • Created fully redundant, reliable and scalable power distribution system.
  • Doubled data center capacity.
  • Paved way for creation of new colocation facility.
"The ability to direct cooling to the racks is exactly what we needed. When Emerson Network Power demonstrated a single Liebert XDV cooling unit, it took me only five minutes to place an order. My only question was, ‘How soon can you get it here?’"
- Travis Carter, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, US Internet
Case Summary
Location: Minneapolis
Products and Services: Liebert Deluxe System Air-Cooled Computer Room Air Conditioning Units With Outdoor Air-Cooled Condensers
Liebert XD Data Center Cooling
Liebert Interceptor TVSS Service Entrance Units
Liebert Series 610 300 kVA Uninterruptible Power
Liebert PPC Precision Power Centers
Liebert FPC Power Distribution System with transformer
Liebert FDC Power Distribution System
ASCO ATS Automatic Transfer Switches
Critical Needs: Develop dynamic data center design leveraging data center cooling and power solutions to support wide variety of high-density equipment.

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