Data Center Case Study - Tuscany Casino


Tuscany Casino


Tuscany Casino, located in Las Vegas, is an Italian-themed casino and hotel resort offering more than 700 slot, video poker and keno games. Tuscany is located on Flamingo, just east of the famous Las Vegas strip. The casino was the first to install an all digital surveillance system to monitor its resort.

The Situation

Prior to opening Tuscany Casino, the resort’s management decided to implement an all-digital surveillance system that would eliminate tedious processes, such as tape swapping every eight hours and a seven-day archive of tapes that most casinos became accustomed to throughout their history. However, installing this digital surveillance required a data center infrastructure surrounded by highly available and reliable support systems. Tuscany relied on Emersonto deliver an uninterruptible power and data center cooling system to keep the surveillance system operational, which was critical to prevent gaming downtime and lost revenue.


  • Deployed UPS prior to opening, which enabled critical installation of surveillance system and other business-critical IT systems.
  • Achieved fully operational, digital surveillance system in time for casino opening.
  • Created a highly reliable IT infrastructure support system delivering precise and continuous control of data center applications.
  • Secured access to the local service business of Emerson Network Power for maintenance on the UPS system.
"I worked with Liebert in the past and always found them responsive. They have a high-quality, reliable UPS and I really like the fact that they had their own service people so we didn’t have to work through third-party contractors formaintenance on the UPS system."
- Dean Stoneburner, vice president of sales and support, Data Center Associates
Case Summary
Location: Las Vegas
Products and Services: Liebert Npower 65 kVA uninterruptible power
Liebert Deluxe Series 3 data center cooling
Liebert Foundation Enclosures
Critical Needs: Provide reliable data center cooling and power solutions for Nevada’s first all-digital casino surveillance system.

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