Data Center Case Study - SkyPort International


SkyPort International


SkyPort International, Inc. is a world leader in satellite and terrestrial communication services. The company’s extremely reliable and secure solutions are trusted by multi-national corporations, governments, military and emergency response agencies.

The Situation

SkyPort’s goal was to “raise the bar” in terms of efficiency, reliability, redundancy and customer service in the traditional satellite industry. Accomplishing that required developing a world-class data center and teleport facility. That was difficult enough in itself, but in order to capitalize on growing market demand for satellite-based telephony service, the company was on an extremely ambitious schedule—150 days from groundbreaking to first transmission.


  • Local service and support enabled SkyPort to develop the entire facility in just 150 days
  • High availability data center power and cooling systems deliver the 99.9999 percent availability critical to telecommunications success
  • The World Teleport Association named SkyPort the “Teleport Developer of the Year” in the year following the opening of its new facility
“Our approach was to identify best-of-breed suppliers that were critical to the project’s success and rely on them to perform. In the area of critical infrastructure support, that was clearly Liebert.”
- Guy Fielder, chief operations officer, SkyPort International
Case Summary
Location: Houston, Texas
Products and Services: Liebert Series 600T multi-module uninterruptible power system
Liebert Precision Power Centers
Liebert Static Transfer Switches
Liebert SmartSwitches
Liebert Interceptor II surge suppressors
Emerson Energy Systems Candeo XL DC power system
Liebert Deluxe System data center cooling
Liebert Intelecool air conditioners with Tele2 controllers
Liebert SiteLink Modbus interface panels
Liebert SiteNet Integrator and Load Control
Critical Needs: Enable emerging teleport services provider to deliver carrier-class reliability.

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