Data Center Case Study - Research Institute


Research Institute


This research institute is home to some of the world’s highest intellects and scholars working on fundamental research. Each year, new members attend the institute where they are given the freedom to work on achieving long-term goals without pressures for immediate results.

The Situation

Space constraints to existing data center design were challenging a prominent research institute to meet requests for deploying new technologies and increasing performance reliability. When a new construction project on the institute’s campus was approved, the IT team began planning for a new data center infrastructure. Realizing that the data center would be a place of frequent technology changes and additions, the team knew that it needed to invest in durable data center solutions that would not hamper existing technologies and constrain growth.


  • Achieved proper airflow through a row of IT racks housing powerful servers and other technologies
  • Improved rack-based data center power distribution to ensure connected equipment would benefit from higher reliability via receptaclemount construction
  • Minimized disruptions from load monitoring and control on power strips
  • Deployed racks with features that are flexible enough to support equipment changes
“These PDUs provide reliable, high-quality power distribution control. We wanted top of the line and we got it.”
- Network administrator at the Research Institute
Case Summary
Location: New Jersey
Products and Services: Knurr Racks
Liebert MP Advanced Power Strips
Liebert Nform Monitoring
Critical Needs: Required new data center racks that provided greater airflow and monitoring of environmental conditions.

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