Data Center Case Study - Qoncert




Qoncert is a Tampa, Florida-based IT systems integrator. Founded in 2003, Qoncert helps clients throughout Florida with IT and networking needs and services, including cloud-based VoIP. Since its inception, Qoncert has grown exponentially, with revenues rising 400% even during an economic downturn.

The Situation

In November 2010, Qoncert was primed to take the next step forward. Staff size and space needs had exceeded its current building capacity and the lease was about to expire. Officials at Qoncert decided to purchase a large warehouse and convert it to fit their specific requirements. Qoncert needed to quickly deploy a data center solution at the newly acquired property, but it needed to be done without affecting IT and network performance in a building under construction.


  • Easily configured the SmartRow infrastructure to meet power and cooling requirements
    • Design plan was delivered in less than 24 hours
  • Leveraged a room-neutral design to minimize potentially costly room upgrades
    • Deployed in just 45 days
    • Implemented in a temporary location
  • Gained integrated fire suppression, which makes the SmartRow infrastructure safe and economical
  • Serves as a high-availability backup for cloud-based VoIP offerings
Case Summary
Location: Tampa, Florida
Products and Services: SmartRow infrastructure: an intelligent, integrated IT infrastructure deployed in a single row. Combines data center best practices in cooling, power and data center infrastructure management technology with a space-saving and cost-effective configuration.
Critical Needs: An IT infrastructure that could be rapidly deployed in a new facility that was under construction and then be moved to a new location in the same facility once the data center space was finished — all while avoiding downtime and performance loss.

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