Data Center Case Study - Pasco County


Pasco County


Pasco County is Florida’s premier county for balanced economic growth, environmental sustainability, and first-class services. The County administration’s mission is to provide excellent customer service to its citizens in a lean, efficient and accountable manner.

The Situation

Home to approximately 475,000 residents, Tampa Bay-area Pasco County provides technical services and support – including server functionality and telephony/communication needs – to approximately 4,000 users ranging from emergency personnel to government officials. Pasco County’s continued IT growth and dependence, coupled with the budget constraints of a taxpayer-funded entity, led to a need for a cost-effective and highly available data center design update.


  • Achieved savings of 60 percent over a traditional computer room by implementing the SmartRow offering
  • Saved $80,000 in installation costs, completing the project within four months (bid to deployment)
  • Reduced potential fire suppression system costs by $28,000
  • Raised IT productivity as a result of the solution’s remote monitoring system
  • Created a data center where people could work safely and comfortably due to the SmartRow offering’s internal fire suppression system and low noise factor
Case Summary
Location: Pasco County, Fla.
Products and Services: Emerson Network Power’s SmartRow infrastructure solution integrating data center cooling and uninterruptible power
Critical Needs: Update the data center infrastructure to align with increasing IT needs and a limited budget, while maintaining safety and availability.

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