Data Center Case Study - NetSource One


NetSource One


Andy Skrzypczak, co-founder of Saginaw, Michigan-based NetSource One, and partner Tony Hages had grown the consulting firm, systems integrator and application service provider to the point where larger quarters were needed to house the growing number of employees.


Computer Support Technology recommended Liebert’s Nfinity UPS for the new quarters because of its redundancy and scalability. Its online double conversion technology was also compatible with the generator Skrzypczak would be installing.

NetSource One moved to its new offices within two months of the first meeting with Computer Support Technology. Three months after the Nfinity system was up and running, a representative of the “other” manufacturer returned Skrzypczak’s original call for assistance.

“The performance of our Nfinity UPS system has been awesome. We’ve had no downtime. With the units from our previous supplier, we’d sometimes lose everything.”
- Andy Skrzypczak, co-founder, NetSource One
Case Summary
Location: Saginaw, Michigan
Products and Services: Liebert Nfinity™ UPS
Critical Needs: Deliver high-availability data center power protection to growing consulting firm.

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