Data Center Case Study - Little Creek Casino


Little Creek Casino


The thought of Little Creek Casino closed because of power problems always kept Jim Henne, Little Creek’s manager of management information systems, on the edge of his seat.


Double conversion UPSs provide higher quality output during sags than line interactive systems and also rely less on their battery system. Line interactive systems use their batteries more frequently to condition power, depleting batteries and reducing capacity for outage protection. A double conversion system also eliminates the “switchover effect” that occurs in other topologies when the UPS switches to battery.

“We are extremely pleased with the Liebert solution Davis Enterprises recommended and implemented. It has eliminated one of the big concerns I’ve had regarding business continuity.”
- Jim Henne, Manager, Management Information Systems, Little Creek Casino
Case Summary
Location: USA
Products and Services: Liebert GXT2 double conversion uninterruptible power systems
Critical Needs: Deliver clean, continuous data center power to more than 500 casino play and point-of-sales stations despite undependable power source.

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