Data Center Case Study - Hovnanian Enterprises


Hovnanian Enterprises


Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc in Red Bank, New Jersey, designs, constructs, and markets single-family detached homes, condominiums, townhouses, and apartments. Typical annual sales are over $1 billion. The company earned the National Housing Quality Award, sponsored by the National Association of Homebuilders and Professional Builder Magazine, for its quality initiatives, high level of customer satisfaction, and record of continuous improvement.

The Situation

To meet the growing demands of the increasing number of travelers, this Hovnanian Enterprises embarked on a significant development program to modernize and expand its current facilities and support systems. This included the development of a wireless data network for travelers who demand that the facility provide reliable wireless connectivity, thanks to uninterruptible power solutions.


The solution was to temporarily use a Liebert Nfinity UPS, a single-phase redundant unit scalable to 20 kVA in increments of 4 kVA, to support the additional load until a new Liebert 75 kVA Npower UPS could be installed. After the Npower UPS was installed, the Nfinity was used to support the network lab. There, it provides a stable power environment for testing before any software is installed on the corporate data center computers.

Case Summary
Location: Red Bank, New Jersey
Products and Services: Liebert Nfinity™ UPS
Liebert Npower™ UPS
Critical Needs: Provide additional uninterruptible power capacity for a growing data center infrastructure

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