Data Center Case Study - Grand Rapids School District


Grand Rapids School District


When the Grand Rapids School District decided to disperse the district’s network hardware to six locations instead of keeping everything in the existing central computer facility, it needed to assure the decentralized equipment would deliver the same level of data center infrastructure availability as it had in the central computer room.


The network for the Grand Rapids School District encompasses 80 buildings and connects some 10,000 personal computers. The first implemented service was an e-mail system for the teachers and staff, and between staff and students equipped with home computers and Internet access.

The master plan devised calls for adding new applications to the network. As each application is added, dependency on the network will increase. Reliable service, accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, is paramount.

The Liebert Foundation MCRs allowed the Grand Rapids School District to implement its plan for the dispersal of its network hardware, while providing the controlled environment required for maximum service life of the sensitive electronics they house.

Now, as Grand Rapids network use expands, supported by Foundation Mini Computer Rooms, the networked schools will always be in session.

Case Summary
Location: Michigan, USA
Products and Services: Liebert Foundation™ MCR (Mini Computer Room)
Critical Needs: Provide controlled data center management environment for network hubs in school district

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