Data Center Case Study - General Monitoring Systems


General Monitoring Systems


General Monitoring in Long Beach, California, is a central alarm monitoring station. The company receives incoming alarms over toll-free phone lines and responds to them according to customized instructions stored in its database. Local alarm companies across the U.S. contract with General Monitoring to handle alarms that originate with their residential and commercial customers. Responses range from a call to a homeowner to verify a problem all the way to 911 calls to summon police, fire, and medical services.


The Liebert GXT uninterruptible power systems synchronize with the frequencies of the emergency generators during the weekly tests required for UL Listing as a protective signaling central services station. And the ability of the Liebert UPS units to synchronize means that General Monitoring’s operational quality control is working. The company should never lose an incoming call because of a power outage.

To assure continued readiness, General Monitoring contracts for ongoing service and an annual maintenance check of the Liebert UPSs, including tests to determine the discharge rates of the batteries as a measure of the remaining service life.

Case Summary
Location: Long Beach, California
Products and Services: Liebert GXT uninterruptible power
Service and support
Critical Needs: Power protection for central alarm monitoring station supporting effective data center power

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