Liebert Case Study - Cyber Development Group International


Cyber Development Group International


When Cyber Development Group International (CDGI) began to exhaust the physical footprint of its initial Mount Prospect, Illinois data center facility (building 1 in a 5 building campus) in 2010, the company sought to expand its data center operations by outfitting an existing space adjacent to its headquarters to house more than 15,000 square feet of additional data center space (30,000 sq. ft. once total build-out is completed). To ensure the new facility would be able to meet the stringent availability requirements dictated by the provider’s robust SLAs, CDGI utilized solutions from Emerson Network Power’s Liebert business designed to facilitate efficient, high-availability performance by adhering to field-tested and proven infrastructure design strategies.


  • Increased efficiency by from 12 to 30 percent through enhanced CRAC and row-based cooling.
  • Achieved typical availability levels in excess of “six-nines” (99.999 percent uptime), resulting in zero unplanned downtime over a 12-month period.
  • Reduced energy bills by 14 to 22 (seasonal averages) percent though integration of supplemental cooling, cold aisle containment and other innovative cooling strategies (10 percent on the perimeter CRAC infrastructure, 30 percent on the row-based infrastructure).
  • Maintained a PUE below 1.5, earning the facility the title of “One of the Most Energy-Efficient Data Centers in the Chicago Metropolitan and Midwest Market.”
Case Summary
Location: Mount Prospect, Illinois, USA
Products and Services: Room-based infrastructure design aligned with the SmartDesign™ approach, which simplifies data center design by applying power, cooling and monitoring technologies from Emerson Network Power to create an integrated, highly efficient room-based infrastructure. Cyber Development Group’s SmartDesign infrastructure includes:
Knurr racks with Cold Aisle Containment
Liebert DS precision cooling units (upflow) with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and Digital Scroll Compressor upgrades
Liebert XDC pumping chillers paired with Liebert XDH, Liebert XDO and Liebert XDV modular precision cooling units
Liebert CRV row-based cooling units
Liebert MB modular busway solutions
Liebert NXL UPS systems
Liebert MPH rack-mount power distribution units
Liebert SiteScan data center monitoring
Critical Needs: Support Cyber Development Group International’s data center expansion efforts with an enterprise infrastructure optimized for efficiency and flexibility without compromising the availability demands dictated by cash-backed, zero-downtime SLAs.

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