Data Center Case Study - Crawford County Information Technology Services


Crawford County Information Technology Services


Crawford County’s goal was to assure continuous operation of government functions by establishing an off site, back-up server room supporting its data center management strategy. The county insisted that the business-critical, back-up system be located in a county facility.

The Situation

In terms of the continuity of its IT services, Crawford County, Pa., was living somewhat on the edge, and the county’s Information Technology Director, Tim Kelley, knew it. “Everything in our computer environment was in a single location. If that building went down, we didn’t have the ability to recover everything, or even keep going,” he says. “And, a government likes to roll on, to some degree, even if something happens to our servers.”


  • •Installed an integrated uninterruptible power and cooling cabinet that has performed flawlessly by providing business continuity support through more than two years of continuous operation.
  • Eliminated high density heat to ensure continuous IT equipment operation.
  • Established a back-up server and support system without modifying a space not originally designed for IT equipment.
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Case Summary
Location: Crawford County, PA
Products and Services: Liebert XD data center cooling enclosure
Critical Needs: Assure continuity of critical government services and records in the event of an IT system failure

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