Data Center Case Study - Coleman Technologies


Coleman Technologies


Coleman Technologies Inc. (CTI) provides computer and network systems engineering, Internet services and customized engineering solutions for sensor, communication and information management problems. Services focus on the analysis, design, modeling, integration, testing, and evaluation of complex hardware/software systems in the areas of network architecture, network security, distributed information processing, RF communication and remote monitoring systems.

The Situation

Reliable, mission-critical uninterruptible power protection is essential to the success of Coleman Technologies Inc. (CTI). According to Kirk Sawyer, CTI chief financial officer, the company relies heavily on its IP communications network. In addition to traditional network functions, CTI’s network supports the IP phone system and network monitoring business. When the company started experiencing disruptions in its IP communications network, it analyzed the performance of servers, routers and switches before identifying the problem as a malfunctioning UPS.


  • Uninterrupted network operation through a series of four hurricanes that struck Florida in 2004.
  • Elimination of power problems affecting IP telephony.
“The Liebert UPS system proved to be the savior for the CTI network when central Florida was hit with four hurricanes in less than six weeks…we did not experience a single interruption. In fact, since we installed the Liebert UPS system, we have not had any network reboots.”
- Chris Ireland, network administrator, Coleman Technologies
Case Summary
Location: Orlando, Florida
Products and Services: Liebert GXT UPS
Critical Needs: Eliminate data center power problems affecting network and IP telephony operations.

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