Data Center Case Study - Cobb County School District


Cobb County School District


Many of the servers on the Cobb County School District’s wide area network were running in dangerously hot environments, according to tests conducted. Temperatures in 49 of the 102 cabinets tested – one at each school building – were found to be above 93°F.


A single Foundation Mini Computer Room was ordered to test system performance. It consistently maintained an optimum interior temperature. That demonstration was followed by an order for 48 units and then an additional order of 14 units.

CNS warehoused the enclosures, delivering them as needed to designated school buildings. A typical installation took about two hours, usually during the morning, and was preceded by the installation of a new electrical circuit and data drops.

“I’m very happy with the results. Any other data center solution would have taken months longer and cost much more.”
- Paul Osterholt, project manager, Cobb County Schools
Case Summary
Location: Georgia, USA
Products and Services: Liebert Foundation MCR (Mini Computer Room)
Critical Needs: Create efficient data center cooling for a distributed network serving a large school district in Georgia.

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