Cambridge University Makes the Grade through Consolidation with the Trellis Platform


Cambridge University Makes the Grade through Consolidation with the Trellis™ Platform


For more than 800 years, England's Cambridge University has been one of the world's foremost research institutions. This breadth of leadership requires unified technology support across all areas. But its IT infrastructure hasn't always been integrated.

The Situation

With more than 200 server rooms located around the campus across 120 departments, Cambridge University constantly found itself on the cutting edge of research, but facing challenges when it came to designing and running an integrated Data Centre Estate.


  • Consolidate management.
  • Stardardise service delivery.
  • Improve security and availability.
  • Provide a unified view of the equipment from multiple vendors.
“We have been challenged to achieve higher efficiency by virtualising platforms and refreshing equipment throughout our campus via a common, centralised data centre space. We’ve begun implementing a program where we’re seeking to combine the functionality of as many of these server rooms as possible into one facility, and to reduce our carbon footprint by 30% in the process, and by as much as 40% in IT energy costs.”
- Ian Tasker, Data Centre Manager, Cambridge University.
Case Summary
Location: Cambridge, England
Products and Services: Trellis™ Platform
Critical Needs: Combine the functionality of multiple server rooms into one facility
Reduce carbon footprint by 30%
Reduce IT energy costs by as much as 40%
Consolidate management and standardise service delivery
Improve security and availability

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