Data Center Case Study - Big City Radio


Big City Radio


When Big City Radio chose to move its Ventura, CA, station to a new location, it chose a communications site that was already home to two other radio stations. The stations would share a concrete block building that was about 30' × 30'. With all three stations sharing the building, data center cooling is a major issue. Air is forced into the building through a filtered blower on the roof. To allow the forced air to escape, every third concrete block is turned on its side on the top of the building on three sides. Additional cooling is provided by two consumer-style window air conditioners mounted in the walls.


  • Adjustable rack rails
  • Threaded or square rack rail holes
  • Climate-controlled rack
  • Integral UPS system
  • Optional monitoring capability
Case Summary
Location: Los Angeles, California
Products and Services: Liebert Little Glass House
Liebert Foundation Series
Critical Needs: In today’s climate of consolidation, data center efficiency is fast becoming a standard operating procedure. Engineers are being asked to put more equipment into smaller spaces. Three things must be considered when reliability is concerned: cooling, cleanliness and clean, uninterruptible power.

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