Data Center Case Study - Ability Beyond Disability


Ability Beyond Disability


Ability Beyond Disability helps people with disabilities realize their dreams. Through a network of group homes and community programs, the Connecticut-based nonprofit empowers people with developmental disabilities to become vital participants in communities throughout the Northeastern United States.

The Situation

Ability Beyond Disability installed a Cisco® IP Telephony system to support its Connecticut office as well as remote offices and group homes. Some clients have life-threatening conditions so any interruption of telephone service was unacceptable. The existing uninterruptible power system lacked the capacity and manufacturer support required to deliver the required data center power availability.


  • Successful conversion to IP telephony improved operating flexibility and reduced overhead costs.
  • Increased ability to ride through power outages with zero impact on IT systems.
  • Improved visibility into satellite operations through remote monitoring.
“I no longer worry about power outages. I can relax and focus on new ways to use technology to enrich our clients’ lives.”
- Laurie Dale, Manager Information Technology, Ability Beyond Disability
Case Summary
Location: Northeastern United States
Products and Services: Liebert Nfinity® UPS
Liebert Foundation® enclosures
Liebert GXT UPS
Critical Needs: Improve efficiency and reduce cost using IP telephony without compromising phone system reliability and availability.

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