Data Center Case Study - A Leading Communications Company


A Leading Communications Company


The research and development department at a leading communications and media company in the Northeast had outgrown its current building—including its Internet and data capabilities. The lack of space posed a problem: no room to install more hardware. Compounding the problem was the fact that any upgrades to Internet and data capacity needed to be done quickly– within 10-14 weeks – to meet the critical business needs of the R&D department. This unique set of circumstances put IT and facilities officials in a difficult situation.


  • Installed a SmartMod infrastructure solution at a remote location, providing needed data and Internet capacity without taking up more building space.
  • Minimized downtime and productivity loss – deployed ten days before deadline.
  • Reduced costs by minimizing installation time and eliminating the need for room upgrades in the main building.
  • Integrated fire detection/suppression system helped to avoid the fire marshall’s lengthy inspection wait lists and increase overall safety.
  • Permits for easy relocation for anticipated move to a new location.
Case Summary
Location: Northeastern United States
Products and Services: SmartMod infrastructure: A rapidly deployable, standalone enclosure delivering an integrated, high-availability data center infrastructure in easy-to-implement configurations.
Critical Needs: A means for the company’s research and development department to gain the data and Internet capabilities they need, while still preserving valuable real estate in the branch’s building.

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