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  • Ian Tasker, Data Centre Manager, University of Cambridge Information Services

    “The Trellis™ platform will provide monitoring and management capabilities to drive our current PUE from a conservative estimated average of 2.0 to our goal of 1.2. The Trellis™ platform will give us visibility into capacity and provide the management information we need to plan effectively for growth in this dynamic environment. Additionally, some areas within the data center will operate using a cost recovery model, and the detailed usage information that the Trellis™ platform can provide will enable accurate charge back for these facility users.”

  • Jamie Thomas, Vice President, Tivoli Strategy and Development, IBM

    “Managing the physical constraints of available space and power in the data center is becoming a greater challenge for organizations. This, combined with the increasing demand on the enterprise for reliable and agile IT services, makes finding a cost-effective solution critical for our customers. The combination of Emerson Network Power’s market-leading DCIM solution – the Trellis™ platform – along with our solutions for IT service management and systems management, is an ideal way to meet these customer needs with innovative capabilities.”

  • Valery Sokolov, Senior Manager, Engineering Lab Services, Brocade

    "Do more with less has become standard operating policy in IT and data center environments. At the same time, the mix of physical and virtual assets is growing exponentially. Because of these trends, there is a real business case for tools and applications that will provide the visibility and metrics required to manage IT resources and facilities provisioning efficiently and productively. This is where DCIM and ITSM applications become critical to provide the data required to achieve that goal as well as to plan and model growth."

  • Ankush Patel, Vice President of Sustainability, Infosys

    “Infosys is committed to building environmentally sustainable solutions for our clients’ enterprises. With our deep experience in sustainability and data centers, we see the need for systems that excel in both energy efficiency and performance. The Emerson Network Power Trellis™ platform is installed in our Bangalore data center as part of the Trellis™ Early Adopters Program. It shows great promise in being able to continuously monitor critical systems and predict potential issues in a cost- and energy- efficient manner.”

  • Jason Hoffman, Founder and CTO of Joyent

    “We selected Emerson as our partner because the Trellis™ platform is the only DCIM solution available today that can provide holistic, real-time visibility from service processor to power grid and enable the dynamic optimization of data center physical resources. Our partnership will enable us to offer a unique, tightly integrated, modular, highly efficient solution that optimizes the entire infrastructure based on the energy consumption of application workloads.”

  • Joe Burke, Vice President of the North American Storage, Security, Virtualization and Networking Businesses for Arrow ECS

    “Emerson Network Power’s broad range of DCIM solutions integrate well with many other lines frequently found in data center environments, such as EMC, NetApp, IBM, HP and Oracle. Emerson Network Power’s Trellis™ platform provides a modular, scalable DCIM solution that will enable our channel community to solve problems that have plagued their customers for years. The addition of these DCIM solutions and Avocent products aligns with our commitment to offer solution providers best-of-breed data center offerings as well as premier supplier ‘partner’ programs.”

Featured eBook
  • The Trellis™ Dynamic Infrastructure Optimization Platform

    The goals for every IT and facilities organization are simple: Mitigate risk by maintaining high availability, access and agility. Optimize the capacity and efficiency of data center resources and operations. And maximize the value of IT services by redeploying resources to support business growth initiatives.

  • Solutions Briefs
  • Trellis™ Platform Asset Management

    All too often knowing what you have and where it is located is a challenge. Inventory accuracy is the foundation of your business and constitutes a solid baseline in efficiency in the data center.

  • Trellis™ Platform Capacity Planning

    In order to achieve the highest possible data center utilization rates, whether that means reconfiguring some of the existing hardware, or simply installing it in currently empty racks, you need information that is both accurate and up to date.

  • Trellis™ Platform Data Center Monitoring

    Visibility to and management of health and status of available power and cooling systems is critical for ensuring IT availability for all data centers.

  • Trellis™ Platform Energy Management

    To enable the data center functions at peak performance, it is important to understand the sources of data center operating inefficiencies to identify areas for performance improvement.

Featured Tool
  • Trellis™ Power Insight Application

    The Trellis™ Power Insight Application is the monitoring software for the Liebert® GXT3™, GXT4™, or APM™ UPS systems. Designed to monitor unlimited number of Liebert rack UPS devices and provides real-time trending for critical UPS performance including voltage and current utilization.

  • DCIM Benefits Estimator

    Get a high-level idea of the benefit areas and savings that may accrue by implementing a DCIM solution.

  • DCIM Maturity Curve

    Gain complete visibility into all data center assets to see their dependencies and connections.